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December 18, 2014

Top 5 Fashion Editorials of 2014

Top 5 Fashion Editorials of 2014

We believe that visuals can say more than words, but they become powerful accompanied with real life stories. Our editorials of 2014 made our readers daydream about Miami’s most fascinating people.

The hypnotizing images, the striking personalities, and the unique stories have made these editorials our top 5 favorites. Check it out:

5- Trends 2014: 'GP Natural Cosmetics' Brings Back Purple Liaisons.

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.

MFW Special Edition: What does it take to win the Eastern Air Lines Flight Attendant Competition?
Photo Credit: Numas Carvajal.

Image: Frank Diaz

MUSIC MET FASHION: When Eduardo Met Athina

December 17, 2014

High-End Fashion Designer Luis Antonio Takes Over Miami

Puerto Rican high-end fashion designer, Luis Antonio took over our city to present his Caribbean inspiration, “Maritime Collection” at the Gala of “Ganando Sonrisas” Foundation at Wynwood in our city of Miami, on December 17, 2014.

As the reflection of Luis Antonio’s staple over the past 20 years, this talented designer has become distinguished in the competitive fashion world by his modern and cosmopolitan collections, showing the world that he knows how to bring his ideas to life!

Luis Antonio’s creative pieces have also been celebrated by international celebrities, such as: Jennifer Lopez, Amaury Nolasco, Jennifer Morrison and Roselyn Sanchez along with Gisselle Blondet, Barbara Bermudo, Adamaris Lopez, and Dayanara Torres, among others.

Our founder and president, Lissette Rondon got an exclusive interview with the rising fashion star where he talks about his fashion presentation in Miami, his success at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, his future projects, and more…

Lissette Rondon: Tell us how you feel about your presentation here in Miami?

Luis Antonio: "Very happy to have the opportunity to showcase my ‘Maritime Collection,’ which I just introduced in New York and Puerto Rico, and because it will be a Gala to benefit “Ganando Sonrisas” Foundation."It's a nice way to give back and support important causes in Latin-America with my show and my talent."

LR: How did you get the idea of presenting your "Maritime Collection" at the Gala of “Ganando Sonrisas” Foundation?

LA: "I have a great friendship with Edith and Carlos and the proposal was made to present ‘Maritime Collection’ here. It is the first time that I present a complete collection in Miami. I've presented other collections but smaller, plus this is my most important collection now. I feel that fulfills many goals in one single event. "

LR- Tell us about your experience at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

LA: “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York is the goal of every fashion designer. We all want to present there because it is one of the most important fashion events worldwide. Every year, luminaries of fashion such as: Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, among others, go to present their collections there. I feel so proud of being another Latin designer that opens new paths for younger generations to come. MBFWNY has been the most important step in my career!”

LR: Let's talk about "Maritime Collection." What inspired you to create this collection?

LA: “I am a fan of the nautical theme and because it was my first presentation I wanted to do a show with something completely different, I wanted to do it abstract. I designed with my team from the fabrics to the shoes. I did not want sailors and captains. I wanted New York to see another point of view on this subject, another concept through my collection.”

LR: What do you like most about this collection?

LA: “Absolutely everything. I spent 20 years preparing for this moment of my career. I took care of all the details, traces of fabric; I worked closely with my stylists and makeup artists for my fashion presentation. It was a great team and that was seen in the final result. I did not think it was necessary showcasing many pieces, I think the thirty four pieces that I presented were a fashion statement.”

LR: Tell us about the designs of the shoes—they were another fashion hit.

LA: "The shoes were a collaboration with a chain of stores in Puerto Rico. I had designed shoes with them for seasons and we decided to do something special for MBFWNY—amazingly the first lot that we released was sold out.”

LR: What do you think of fashion in Miami?

LA: “A very interesting question. Miami’s women like to wear very sexy and revealing clothes, which I quite understand due to the climate issue. I think this helps them to be comfortable. My designs are equally dedicated to the sexy women but are less revealing.”

LR: Is it in your future plans to continue featuring your collections in our town?

LA: “Now I find myself doing a couple of negotiations to open my store in this city, which would help to continue presenting my collections here in Miami, as in Puerto Rico and New York.”

LR-After your presentation of December 17, what will your immediate project be?

LA: “This is the last time I present this collection. I will be working on a few editorials for fashion magazines but I'll be more focused on my next collection that will be the Fall-Winter 2015.

LR- Could you define your work and yourself with just three words?

LA: “Dedication, Effort, and Goals.”

LR- What is the prediction of Luis Antonio for 2015?

Effortless styles like mine!

Behind The Look-Book Shoot of 'Gratitude Collection'

Athina Klioumi during the photo shoot of "Gratitude Collection"-the look-book.
Photo Credit: Eduardo Hernandez.
By Lissette Rondon.
When you feel grateful in life, the universe responds immediately with more blessings! Since designer Lisu Vega and actress Athina Klioumi came out with the name “Gratitude Collection” for our fashion collaboration, the reaction was: WOW! We knew that the best was yet to come.

Yesterday, it was the photo shoot of the Gratitude Collection at Pickypics Studios in Doral and it was so much fun! Two more professionals came along with good energies and great attitudes to our philanthropist project, fashion photographer Eduardo Hernandez (Owner of Pickypics Studios) and make-up artist, Roberto Ramos.

It was a blast to watch the “it” team working to make Lisu Vega’s vision come true. The photo shoot evolved with Lisu directing, Eduardo behind his lens, always in tune with her, while Roberto was shaping and styling the model of this collection, our own diva, Athina Klioumi.

Athina Klioumi and Roberto Ramos.
Photo Credit: Frank  E. Diaz

Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.

Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.

What about Gratitude Collection?

We know for sure there is no better diva that Athina and the collection speaks for itself. During this photo shoot it was apparent that they were made for each other, va va voom! You can tell from the results!

And for as us, always the messengers, behind the scenes, somebody has to tell the story.

We would like to invite you to buy and follow “Gratitude Collection” at our fashion blog soon. A portion of the profit will benefit the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

Eduardo Hernandez and Lisu Vega.
Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.

Roberto Ramos, Lissette Rondon, Eduardo Hernandez and Lisu Vega.
Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.

Eduardo Hernandez, Lissette Rondon, Athina Klioumi, Lisu Vega and Roberto Ramos.
Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.

December 10, 2014

Cervera Real Estate Leads Sales and Marketing for the Conrad Fort Laudardale Beach Residences

On December 9, 2014, Orchestra Hotels + Resorts, hoteliers and developers of the award-winning Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, announced that real estate brokerage firm Cervera Real Estate will lead the sales and marketing efforts for Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach Residences and launches the signature residences as “The Ocean,” brand. The property will be managed by Conrad Hotels & Resorts and will be ready for occupancy in summer 2015, bringing the elite resort lifestyle of the Conrad brand known across five continents to one of the most coveted shorelines in the United States, Fort Lauderdale.

“Cervera will position this development in the Fort Lauderdale market with a strategic and creative approach to maximizing sales,” said Jose Luis Zapata, Developer, who in 2007 also developed the very successful and multiple award winning Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. “The Cervera sales team understands how this first-of-its-kind residential project is transforming the real estate landscape by offering new, intelligent, luxury oceanfront residences on Fort Lauderdale Beach especially architected to a buyer’s life.”

Cervera brings an unmatchable depth of knowledge and expertise to the development with more than 50,000 condominium units sold in South Florida and over 100 condominium projects exclusively represented. The firm has successfully navigated market cycles for nearly half a century. Today, it is one of the most reputable leaders in real estate, currently representing over $2.5 billion dollars in real estate, with over 400 strategic alliances worldwide and over 45 years in South Florida.

The team behind the sales and marketing for “The Ocean” has an enduring passion for Fort Lauderdale, an affluent enclave. The neighborhood has blossomed into the yachting capital of the world. Today, it is one of South Florida’s most desirable areas for high-end property, with residential developments transforming Fort Lauderdale into a magnet for the wealthy.

“The best kept secret in Miami is Fort Lauderdale Beach and “The Ocean” is at the epicenter of it all. The residences provide exceptional opportunities for beach lovers who expect top notch services and amenities,” says Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, managing partner of Cervera Real Estate. “We like to say in real estate that it’s about the right location, the right project, and the right timing, with what’s happening in the Fort Lauderdale Beach market, “The Ocean” has all three,” added Jesse D. Ottley, President of Development Sales for Cervera. “With prices starting in the $400,000’s, buyers are seeing the exceptional value for toes in the sand living.”

The Ocean will offer 109 residences and 181 resort residences combining resort-style amenities with a luxury residential living experience. Units will range from studio-, one-, two, three-bedrooms and penthouses. There will be fully furnished and appointed resort residences ranging from studios-, one-, and two-bedroom suites with the latest technology curved screen televisions, spacious private balconies, a private owner’s storage closet and marble entry foyers as well as exquisitely finished kitchens with top-of-the line appliances including Sub Zero refrigerators and Wolf Cooktops. Spa-like bathrooms will boast marble vanity tops, with a separate shower and bath.

The property will also feature a private 6th floor Sky Beach with sand, the only private beach club in Fort Lauderdale. Residents will be offered an array of exceptional amenities and superior services, including a full-service Conrad branded spa, heated swimming pool, two whirlpools, serenity deck, poolside restaurant and lounge with a 20,000 square foot terrace, beach services, private butlers, oceanfront upscale dining, a gourmet market, WiFi throughout the resort and on the beach, a state-of-the-art fitness center, meeting rooms and event facilities. Twice daily housekeeping services and laundry service, the E-Concierge App, and special Hilton Honors points and Diamond Hilton Honors membership status will also be available to residents.

Prices for residences start in the $400,000’s and range to multi-million dollar penthouses. An on-site sales office will be opened Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-5pm. For additional information or schedule an appointment, please contact (954) 749-7200.

Following Athina K: Home Remedies for Viral Times

Following Athina K: Home Remedies for Viral Times

By Athina Klioumi Marturet.

We are on red flag with the flu this season, so once more I made a summary of homemade tips to fight them.

Climate changes, global crisis, collective exhaustion and depression lower our immune system and especially increase viral flu. We are on alert throughout the world right now.

The idea is to maintain our immune system strong and not get sick. If you do get sick, do not worry, there are home remedies that are very effective and can be prepared quickly without much effort but, like I always say, check with your holistic practitioner before. So here is are some new homemade recipes worthwhile checking out.

It is important to stay emotionally balanced too, because sadness, anger and other stronger emotions can easily make our immune system go down. Experts in metaphysics say that when countries are in crisis, disease and viruses increase or reappear. For example look to Haiti after the tragedy all kinds of diseases came back.

We have more than ever strange diseases in Venezuela, viruses like Ebola and others throughout the world. Metaphysics say the flu is a negative reaction to popular belief and fear. People tend to believe the statistics. Viral infections also mean a lack of joy, some bitterness. Seeing the big picture of the world, we should not be surprised at the increasing of these diseases again and outbreaks of viral diseases.

The idea is to strengthen the defenses of our body:

Whoever takes Zinc gets protection against influenza; 7mg (women) and 10mg (men)-- oats, sesame seeds, liver, fish are foods that contain zinc.

The famous chicken soup contains zinc and it’s perfect for this time of out-breaking viral diseases! Add natural Garlic and ginger.

The fruit “mango” brings defenses up and also protects against influenza and by the way take cares of the skin and hair.

Ginger also raises defenses and raises the libido too. Prepare yourself a tangerine juice or “arepas” of rice with ginger.

Do some rubbing to raise defenses: Take a towel and soak it in cold water. Rub your body starting with the feet up to the head quickly. Start the right side and then left. Do not forget head and neck. Dress up warmly immediately or go back to bed. Repeat every 30 min for 6 times during the day. The body will detox and feel more relieved.

When you just feel the symptoms of any virus or flu, do the following:

Powerful home remedy: boil in 2 cups of water five stars of anise for 12 minutes, then turn off the heat and add a full cup of green tea leaves and let it cool. Every 4 hours take the exact measure of a cup of coffee, it is bitter medicine but highly effective. When the virus is stronger, do it for 3 days straight or more. This cuts the viral effect immediately.

Organic soy sauce is a great antiviral. Scientists have found that the flavor enhancer called “EFDA” (4'-ethynyl-2-fluoro-2'-deoxyadenosine) containing the fermented organic soy sauce, is an amazing medicinal antiviral, very similar to the medications given to patients carrying HIV, and it is not resistant to natural medicine, such as happens with drugs currently given to patients. This classic soy sauce is a powerful natural antivirus that is perfect to raise defenses and fight viral colds. When you have viral fever or flu, try this: Every 4 hours take a teaspoon of fermented organic soy sauce on the first day. Then 3 times per day. Do not overdo it because it can raise your blood pressure.

Ginger tea to soothe coughs and against phlegm. Prepare yourself a ginger tea and add black pepper, a few slices of lemon and orange and sweetened with honey—take a few cups throughout the day.

You can make your own natural antibiotic

Mix a handful of cilantro with four to five slices of cucumber and lemon with skin (organic and wash well) in your mixer and drink it every 4 hours first day. Following less days.

If you have a big muscles pain, tension in cervical and headache massage yourself with warm olive oil and add some pure flower and plant essences as Lavander. (half cup of olive oil and 3 drops of lavender)

There are some joint care products which are perfect to reduce the swelling and soothe the pain in your body and headache. Try joint care containing Krill Oil with hyaluronic acid.

My holistic doctor recommends a wonderful French antivirus homeopathic medicine called L52 (Etats gripaux) in solution from Lehning Laboratories You take 10-20 drops in half glass of water. It is really amazing, although I take homeopathy only in emergencies.

And keep in mind, that taking green tea regularly raises the immune system and a good mantra in times of viruses would be:

“with love I let joy flow freely in my life. I love myself and I deserve to enjoy life. I accept all the pleasures that life offers me.”

Love to all



Hot topics by Athina:

Statement from Phil Collins' Foundation Regarding December 6 Gala Event‏

Phil Collins.
Image: Wikipedia

"Thank you very much for the incredible, heartfelt support that was in full effect at the 2014 Little Dreams Foundation concert on December 6. We worked hard to bring you artists from all over the world, along with tomorrow's young stars, who performed their hearts out on stage.

As you know, Phil Collins was scheduled to perform a few songs at the end of the night; however, he suffered an illness during sound check and doctor's were brought in to see him. Phil wanted to perform and be there for his fans, the children and the Foundation. His health was monitored right up until the time when he would take the stage. The doctor's insisted that he could not do it. He addressed the audience and, with great sadness, told them what happened.

Everyone is concerned for Phil's health, and rightfully so. We hope that you'll understand that this situation was completely out of his control, and he's sorry to have disappointed his fans. Because this is Phil's charity and only operates on the highest level of integrity, the Little Dreams Foundation is offering a voucher for the full, face value of the ticket amount towards the December 5, 2015 concert in lieu of refunds. This will affect the funds we had hoped to raise for the children for 2015, so to alleviate that, Phil Collins has personally made a donation of $100,000 to the Little Dreams Foundation.

We appreciate the support and understanding that we have received. The vast majority of attendees have told us that they had one of the most touching and best experiences ever. For that, we're eternally grateful. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your understanding and hope that you will continue to support Phil Collins and Orianne Collins-Mejjati in their efforts to make dreams come true for children. "

Orianne Collins-Mejjati

Co-Founder & Chairman

Little Dreams Foundation

Transforming the Supermodels into ANGELS!

Transforming the supermodels into Angels!

Twenty five makeup artists, 25 hair stylists and 9 manicurists transformed 47 supermodels into Angels for the runway of the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Let's join Makeup artist Dick Page and hair stylists Paul Merritt and Akki Shirakawa backstage at Earls Court in London as they share their vision and a glimpse behind the scenes.

Tousled sexy waves were created using the NEW Victoria’s Secret Hair Collection with ghd hair curve curling tongs and wands including the new ghd curve range. The look was complimented with VS Dry-Shampoo and Ultimate Hairspray for a glossy, effortless runway look. For a healthy shine, hairstylists used the Victoria’s Secret Leave-In Conditioner and High-Shine serum.
The iconic Victoria’s Secret runway look is luminous skin with a natural golden glow. The Angels’ runway makeup features sultry eyes, bronzed cheeks, and a natural lip. Beauty Rush lip glosses and stains give Angels’ a perfect pout with a hint of shine.
Angels flaunt a sun kissed glow from head-to-toe with Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy, a collection of self-tanners, instant bronzers and sun care that perfects skin.
The signature runway scent is Heavenly, and this year there is a limited edition bottle with Swarovski crystal wings just in time for Holiday.

You can find all these products at a store near you or

Images by Victoria's Secret.

Check out our favorite stores of Victoria's Secret here in Miami:

- Victoria's Secret Aventura Mall.

19501 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura Mall, Aventura, FL 33180

(305) 933-270

- Victoria's Secret Lincoln Road Mall.

Lincoln Road Mall, 901 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 695-1814

- Victoria's Secret Coral Gables.

Village of Merrick Park, 360 San Lorenzo Ave
Coral Gables, FL
(305) 567-1466